Smrithi Shine

Smrithi Shine

  • ₹1200 per hour

About Me

Smrithi is a Counseling Psychologist driven by her unwavering trust in the resilience of the human spirit to support her clients on their journey of self-discovery and growth. She is a firm believer that every human being holds an inherent strength to overcome hardships and create new paths. She aspires to serve as the foundation for her clients, supporting them to find their inner radiance and strengthen their emotional well-being. She is a trustworthy companion for her client's journey through the tunnels of their emotions toward wholeness as she has an open heart that listens with empathy and respect, and a mind that recognizes the complexity of human emotions. 

Smrithi earned a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Kristu Jayanti College. Throughout her studies, she has consistently equipped herself with a versatile toolkit of techniques and approaches, which has now empowered her to adapt and customize her methods to meet the distinctive needs of each client she encounters. She strives to assist with stress, anxiety, work-life imbalance, relationship issues and other life experiences. Rather than merely managing the visible signs of issues, she believes in addressing their underlying causes to build solid foundations that produce emotional fulfillment for her clients over the long run. 

Beyond her professional interests, she finds her heart's true language in art, which she utilizes to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. She also finds music to be her solace and inspiration, strengthening her relationship with herself and others. In the world of Mental Health, Smrithi is a guide, advocate, and partner in her clients' quests for emotional well-being. Her clients along with her find the power to construct new narratives that lie within, waiting to be uncovered and nurtured.



  • English
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam


  • Low motivation
  • Body-image issues
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Sleep issues
  • Workplace Issues
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    Smriti is such an amazing professional. They way she comforts the other person is commendable. I felt so good after attending her session. I feel like i everyone should once talk to her people will feel better. My issues were taken care of in a sensitive way . I appreciate her help efforts.

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    I am one of the client of de smrithi, she is passionate about her work ,after every session I felt light and calm, she examined me and cleared my all miths about my mental health and she understood the issues and also shown me way to clear that , I am lucky to had sessions with dr smrithi, I am highly recommend her to every upcoming clients, she is kind .

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    Smrithi shine has been an immensely helpful, accommodating and kind therapist. She has helped me navigate through some very tough experiences i felt good after every session, i appreciate her efforts and highly recommend her.

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    She is a professional to the core. She was very supportive and is a great listener. She provided me with the secure space I needed to share my issues. I would definitely recommend her.

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    I m totally amazed by the councelling therapy it really helped me to get clarity of mind which I was not able to focus.I m feeling very motivated after my session by Dr Smrithi Shine Thankyou so much mam for helping me in this difficult situation 😊😊