Abhishek Balwaria

Abhishek Balwaria

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About Me

Abhishek Balwaria is a benevolent human and a psychologist in practice. He understands the psyche as a very subtle, sensitive, and dynamic structure ,which can be transformed by the touch of faith, trust,and empathy.                                                                   Working through Existential,Humanistic,Psychoanalytical Approach and building a strong therapeutic alliance is the most important thing for him. He believes, like an acorn seed, everyone has the potential to grow into a full-grown tree, they just need consistent care and support on time. So, holding the notion of care and empathic listening he provides a safe space where one feels light in the process of being heard.

He has completed his masters in a psychoanalytic-driven course of psychology (psycho-social clinical studies) from AUD, hence his style of therapy has shades of psychoanalysis in it. Although he integrates various domains of psychology to work in an eclectic manner for the process of healing. In his initial training, he has worked with anxiety and stress-related problems and healed post effects of trauma (PTSD) through a combination of psychotherapy and EMDR. He has also worked with borderline personality organization and psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar depression.

As a mental health practitioner, his areas of interest are dynamic depth psychology, phenomenology, and psychodynamics, from where he built his frames to understand complex human behavior and the dynamicity of the human psyche.

Apart from psychology, Abhishek writes poems and loves soccer, he also wants to become a fictional writer in the future.


  • English
  • Hindi


  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Emotional regulation
  • Childhood issues
  • Porn Addiction/ Sexual concerns
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    The counsellor was very professional and conformed to the norms. He made me feel extremely comfortable and created the environment and a space free of judgements. He made sure to make me understand the approach we will be taking. It was a very nice session.

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    The counsellor was very informative and supportive. The sessions were comforting and insightful. Like Apoorva, I agree that he made sure to make me understand the approach we can take. The homework was interesting as well.

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    The counsellor has been an incredible support, providing a safe and empathetic space where I felt heard, understood, and guided towards a positive change.

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    Thanku so much for your help ... You suggestion are really great

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    You are really great sir Thanku for such a great guidance