Text-based therapy is a form of therapy conducted purely through textual means. However, it takes away from the human aspect of counseling, and at MindTribe we do not conduct text-based therapy.

Typically, a counseling session is between the counselor and the client. If you wish to bring a partner or a friend along, the procedure for counseling is quite different.

Most counselors do not have contact with their clients outside of the session. If there is a pressing issue, you should message the counselor and give them sufficient time to reply.

Your counselor will be there for you to the best of their capacity. However, they might not be able to respond immediately. In cases of emergencies, you should reach out to a helpline. There are several helplines that deal with specific issues.

Each counselling session will be around 40-45 minutes, and a gap of one week (7 days) is recommended. However, in cases of emergencies, this might be waived.

The counselors will ask for your consent before recording the sessions. You are well within your rights to refuse if you are not comfortable with the session being recorded.

Unless there is an imminent threat to the client or the people around them, everything that you discuss in the session will remain in the session. Every counselor is particular about maintaining confidentiality.

A counselor is not a sexologist. Sexology is a specialization that requires different qualifications than that of a therapist or a counselor. While you can talk about your sexual lives, if relevant, in the sessions, counselors will not address sexual issues.

Anyone can sign up for counseling, age is not a barrier. However, do note that at MindTribe, we require parents or guardians to provide their credentials before we counsel minors.

You can come in for counseling whenever you decide to improve your life. We are all works in progress, and counseling will help us better ourselves, regardless of where we start from. Every problem is equally serious. Remember: If it bothers you, it is important.

There are no barriers to what you can talk about in a counseling session. The most effective counseling sessions are the ones in which you are being your most authentic self.

The number of sessions that an individual needs is very subjective. Certain people and certain cases require a shorter therapy duration and vice versa. You need as many sessions as it takes you to understand yourself well and cope with any problems you might be facing.

You can expect to leave a counseling stint as a more self-aware version of yourself if nothing else. Counseling will help you cope with any difficulties which you may have. The term ‘okay’ is contentious, but you will definitely be better after counseling.

Counseling is usually not a short process. It takes time, and the first session is usually spent by the therapist trying to understand you and your problems better. The counselor explores your issues, and this discussion is the launching pad for consequent sessions.

Counseling can help you in several ways. First and foremost, it helps you understand yourself better. It also explores the problems and the potential options you have. The counselor can also help you with developing strategies to combat several difficulties.

Counseling is an interactive process in which a client shares things about their life with a counselor. A bond is formed between the two of them, and the counselor guides the client on a journey to address their problems. The main aim of counseling is to help the client understand themselves better.

Everyone. Counseling is not an emergency intervention that is implemented in cases of urgent need. Rather, counseling is a journey of self-discovery. Even though your life may be great, understanding yourself better can only help you