Rudrakshree Belwal

Rudrakshree Belwal

Trainee counselor
  • ₹500 per session

About Me

A passionate listener and a keen observer, she believes that the fundamental role of a psychologist is to help the client in their journey of self-awareness. She's an enthusiastic learner, always open to newer perspectives and angles in psychology and life. While she's on her journey to provide space and warmth to her clients, she strives to constantly work on her emotional intelligence and resilience. She truly believes that in a profession like this, it's pivotal to fill one's cup first to show up consistently and bring value as a psychologist.

She’s completed her Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Amity University and has interned in a few hospitals in the last five years, under both psychologists and psychiatrists. She adapts an eclectic approach depending on the client and the presented situation. She also inclines towards Positive psychotherapy and advocates that every individual must be aware of their strengths (professional and personal) and virtues to lead a content life, as she feels we tend to forget to be grateful for the blessings we have.

Additionally, she takes great pride in her research abilities. She’s explored concepts like Narcissism, Social Intelligence, Psychological well-being, and Resilience, as she strives to better understand the population of young adults (18-25 yrs), and desires to work on creating valid and reliable scales for concepts such as Narcissism and Resilience, which are best tailored for the Indian Population.

Her mantra in life is to live "Authentically with empathy" as she seeks to constantly work towards her awareness of self, thoughts, and behavior. She takes great interest in listening to podcasts, journaling, and doing yoga as she strives to maintain an active lifestyle.



  • English
  • Hindi


  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Emotional regulation
  • Narcissistic Abuse
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    I highly recommend Rudrakshree! Her compassionate approach and deep understanding created a safe space for me to explore my emotions and challenges. I feel grateful to have found such a skilled and empathetic therapist.Each session feels like a step forward, and I'm incredibly grateful for their expertise and support.

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    It is my first time taking therapy, and it has been really good for me so far Rudrakshree is extremely supportive and techniques taught by her really helped me calm down when i needed it and also she is very good in diagnosing the actual problem which we are facing. I would definitely recommend her.

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    It's first time in am doing this therapy. It has been a very beautiful and helpful session for me with Rudrakshree. She is helping me over come my weaknesses and thought. She is very incredible and very good therapist I have met she is teaching me techniques to be clam and face the mental problems . I will highly recommend her.

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    In my first therapy experience with Rudrakshree, I found a compassionate and empathetic guide who created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore my emotions and challenges. Her expertise in diagnosing issues and teaching calming techniques has been invaluable. Each session feels like progress, and I highly recommend Rudrakshree to anyone seeking effective and supportive therapy.

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    Rudrakshree has helped me so much already in just a few sessions. This is by far my most productive experience with therapy. She has the perfect balance of compassion and guidance. Even when not low I choose to talk to her to get a clearer perspective on things. My understanding of therapy has widened knowing she hasn't just helped me with targetted issues but is continuing to assist me to navigate everyday emotions in a better way. Above all, she makes her sessions a very comfortable space to express freely, and she is very attentive which makes you feel your well being is valued.